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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain)
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Player LJ: [personal profile] lylith_st

Concrit post: Help me to improve~

Characters basics


Physically he looks 25 years old.

His real age… It depends on your point of view and what’s your concept of formal "country". The modern "country" of "Spain" dates from the unification of the kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, León, and Navarre. If you use the date 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella defeated Granada, the country is around 500 years old. However, Spain has been inhabited since prehistoric times, the Basques probably are descended from the original inhabitants, 35,000 years ago. Spain was also inhabited before that by precursors to modern man at least 1.2 million years ago. If we take Hispania ( as reference (because in the Hetalia canon, in 1492 Antonio already looked like and adult and was conquering he world) , he’s in fact more than 2500 years old or so.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Green.

Hugging/Kissing/Nicknaming: He most likely will be the one doing all this so it’s fine.

Maiming/Killing/Death:, please, unless you want to destroy a country. And that’s not very nice..

Easiest way to get on her good side: Not trying to invade him it’s a plus, but he will be nice to everybody by default. Unless you are England or America, that’s is.

Easiest way to get on her bad side: Does he had a bad side at all?

Favorite person: Romano /South Italy.

Prefers: Sweets that aren’t that sweet.

Shapeshift: sure, why not.

Bodyswap: Heh, same as above

Slash: It’s practically canon with him, he asked Romano to Marry him~


Spain is cheerful, optimistic and manages to keep a good attitude even in hopeless situations. He’s not the type to give up easily and he’s open to all nations, both the nice and the scary ones.

He doesn’t hold grudges nearly as much as the other countries do. He fought France quite a bit during times when Italy was his protectorate, but at the same time he asked Francis for some advice because he wanted Romano to like him more. Another example is how he fights against Austria (War of the Austrian Succession) but he doesn’t mean him any real harm, and even let south Italy go with him eventually.

He’s friends with the Italian brothers, Belgium, France and Prussia (and surprisingly enough he didn’t end up being a pervert or a psycho)and Austria as well. He was tormented by England on many occasion and their relationship is less than bright. He doesn’t like America for the same reasons and Holland used to beat him up when he was young. But relationships in Hetalia are like relationship with countries in the real world. One day you are allies, the next one enemies.

He can be quite dim-witted too. Spain is oblivious to France's advances to the point that he didn’t even notice France groping him because he was too worried about south Italy not liking him. He’s also clueless to the reactions he gets from Romano every time he pulls his curl. In short, he’s unable to read the atmosphere. He’s even worse than America. Spain doesn't even try to read it, and he's neutral in most of the fights.

Sometimes, he pops up from nowhere and offers the other characters food, or he has food in his hand that wasn’t there before. He can be very, very random at times.

Relationship with Romano Vargas/South Italy

Spain is very affectionate with South Italy's (Romano/Lovino Vargas) country and cares for him deeply. He raised him when he was under his control (after the Italian wars) and they lived together for more than 300 years (until the war of Spanish Succession). Romano was his protectorate and when other countries were interested in him, Spain fought France four times and the Turkey Empire in several occasions order to keep him safe. He has the tendency to hug him, glomp him and call him cute.

Romano's reaction to Spain’s affection is to blush, growl insults at him and hit him, but he cares about the older nation deep down. Romano is not under Spanish rule anymore but visits him often. When gay marriage was legalized in Spain in 2005 the first thing Antonio did was ask Romano to marry him (unfortunately, he misunderstood his answer and thought that he rejected him).

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