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Name:Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Birthdate:Feb 12

Give me your hand...

Nation's name: España (or Kingdom of Spain)
Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Birthday: February 12th
National flower: Carnation

Human name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Age: 25 (appearance)

Open your arms

Spain is cheerful, optimistic and manages to keep a good attitude even in hopeless situations. He’s not the type to give up easily and he’s open to all nations, both the nice and the scary ones.

He can be quite dim-witted too. Spain is oblivious to France's advances to the point that he didn’t even notice France groping him because he was too worried about south Italy not liking him. He’s also clueless to the reactions he gets from Romano every time he pulls his curl. In short, he’s unable to read the atmosphere. He’s even worse than America. Spain doesn't even try to read it, and he's neutral in most of the fights.

Lets cry together

Sometimes, he pops up from nowhere and offers the other characters food, or he has food in his hand that wasn’t there before. He can be very, very random at times.


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America || England || Hungary || N. Italy || Francis || Prussia || Russia || S. Italy || Germany || Canada || Belarus || China

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