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Supongo que era otro no.

I won’t ask a third time. ...It hurts too much.

(ooc: He kind of asked Romano/a to marry him again. And well… :/ She/he never really gave him an answer, so he gave up.))
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[You can see Spain's bedroom, it's mostly empty with the exception of a small bed where Spain is curled up, coughing his lungs out. The crisis in his place just took a turn for the worse and now his throat hurt, his vision is blurry and he is not even able to stand up.

Armadillo jumps to the bed and look at his owner with worry. Spain turns his head slowly and tries to make out the fuzzy outline of his pet. He sniffles again and gives the animal a weak smile.]

Oh sorrry...are you hungry..? I..guess I forgot to give you fo... [He's interrupted by another coughing that leaves him pale and wheezing for air.]

[ooc: After this he won't be posting for a whole week, he will be time skipped to 2010 once he's back, but feel free to assume that he died or something :|.]
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I'm back from Italy, thanks to god all that happened wasn't real. I was so worried about Romano, we couldn't find him anywhere.

And..uhm.. someone break into my house while I was gone. Nothing is missing thought, how odd.



I need to go check something.
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[Spain voice is a low growl, dangerous, but there's some sadness mixed into it.]

This is not fair...why her from all the people?

[Barely audible.]

It was already hard to hate her the first time, even after what happened...

[There's a gasp and then silence. He just realized that the whole thing was been reordered. The micro clicks off after a loud crash, Spain hit the laptop.]

(ooc: ref. here. Spain is not a happy nation if Elizabeth is around. Corinthian feel free to actio spam because you are in his house~)
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Por el amor de dios que demonios era eso!?

Arthur and Alfred, oh god. That was what people called a virus? But I remember being with them for a long time what is this nonsence..ARTHUR AND ALFRED FOR GOD'S SAKE!!  WHAT WILL ROMANO THINK IF HE DISCOVERS!?

I need to take another bath...and burn the sheets..I like those sheets.


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