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[You see Spain, in the Atocha train station of Madrid, with a white flower in his hands and a large bruise in his forehead. He's not doing anything, just watching and remembering. There a lot of people with flowers in their hands in the station, it's a strange image. Some of them get in the train, most of them just wait for a train that will never come.

Spain remembers, and so does his people. They can't never forget.]
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Supongo que era otro no.

I won’t ask a third time. ...It hurts too much.

(ooc: He kind of asked Romano/a to marry him again. And well… :/ She/he never really gave him an answer, so he gave up.))
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What I did....?

[ooc: ref. here , here and here :| Spain is sad.]
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[Spain voice is a low growl, dangerous, but there's some sadness mixed into it.]

This is not fair...why her from all the people?

[Barely audible.]

It was already hard to hate her the first time, even after what happened...

[There's a gasp and then silence. He just realized that the whole thing was been reordered. The micro clicks off after a loud crash, Spain hit the laptop.]

(ooc: ref. here. Spain is not a happy nation if Elizabeth is around. Corinthian feel free to actio spam because you are in his house~)
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I refuse to feel that way again.

I already lost them once, I don’t need a virus to make remember me that. I don’t want to think about that.

It wasn’t even real this time...


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