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Jul. 17th, 2019 01:29 am
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HOLA! This is Ant....

Goddammit, what are you doing Antonio? I'm hungry

Romano I'm on the phone.

Talking with who?

With the phone!

The hell..why are you talking with the phone stupid Spaniard!?

....You get all flustered when you scream, you look like a tomato...♥ cute.


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[The video starts in Spain's home, it's morning and he just woke up but his home look different from the last time. There's a calendar with the date of the inauguration of the Winter games marked in red, a Barça scarf in the wall with the letters 'tricampions' in it and some other items that didn't existed in 1992.

He's getting dressed and before he buttons up his shirt a scar over his belly button it's visible. There's a red string tied to his pinky finger but he doesn't seems to notice. Spain moves to the living room and notices the light of his phone machine is flickering. He goes to check it.]

You have 61 new messages.

Uh!?  [As the messages go on, Spain's face goes from surprise to horror and then he rushes out.]
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[You can see Spain's bedroom, it's mostly empty with the exception of a small bed where Spain is curled up, coughing his lungs out. The crisis in his place just took a turn for the worse and now his throat hurt, his vision is blurry and he is not even able to stand up.

Armadillo jumps to the bed and look at his owner with worry. Spain turns his head slowly and tries to make out the fuzzy outline of his pet. He sniffles again and gives the animal a weak smile.]

Oh sorrry...are you hungry..? I..guess I forgot to give you fo... [He's interrupted by another coughing that leaves him pale and wheezing for air.]

[ooc: After this he won't be posting for a whole week, he will be time skipped to 2010 once he's back, but feel free to assume that he died or something :|.]
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What I did....?

[ooc: ref. here , here and here :| Spain is sad.]
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I'm back from Italy, thanks to god all that happened wasn't real. I was so worried about Romano, we couldn't find him anywhere.

And..uhm.. someone break into my house while I was gone. Nothing is missing thought, how odd.



I need to go check something.
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[The video opens in Spain’s cabin, and he’s standing before the camera getting dressed. He wears a silver cross necklace. Scars cover his chest and back, the old ones just a pale shadow of what they were. But there are a lot of recent ones that are more noticeable. The nations who still remember the Roman Empire will notice that they look even more alike now.

There’s a small sound from behind him, as audible as a tiny branch cracking. The next second there’s a flash of silver and suddenly Spain’s blade is stuck in the wall where an unlucky head could have been located.

Nobody is here, just a brown- greyish ball on the table, near a bowl of fruit. Spain stares down at it and slowly the ball uncurls, growing a head and paws. He blinks at the strange animal and then looks trough the porthole, where a view of a jungle greets him. With a grin, he looks down at the animal again and moves the bowl closer to him. The beast grabs an apple and starts to chew on it.]

I will call you Armada. [Spain seems to think for a moment about the name and smiles again.] “Armadillo. You’re too small, my amigo."
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Por el amor de dios que demonios era eso!?

Arthur and Alfred, oh god. That was what people called a virus? But I remember being with them for a long time what is this nonsence..ARTHUR AND ALFRED FOR GOD'S SAKE!!  WHAT WILL ROMANO THINK IF HE DISCOVERS!?

I need to take another bath...and burn the sheets..I like those sheets.


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