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[You see Spain, in the Atocha train station of Madrid, with a white flower in his hands and a large bruise in his forehead. He's not doing anything, just watching and remembering. There a lot of people with flowers in their hands in the station, it's a strange image. Some of them get in the train, most of them just wait for a train that will never come.

Spain remembers, and so does his people. They can't never forget.]
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[The video opens in Spain’s cabin, and he’s standing before the camera getting dressed. He wears a silver cross necklace. Scars cover his chest and back, the old ones just a pale shadow of what they were. But there are a lot of recent ones that are more noticeable. The nations who still remember the Roman Empire will notice that they look even more alike now.

There’s a small sound from behind him, as audible as a tiny branch cracking. The next second there’s a flash of silver and suddenly Spain’s blade is stuck in the wall where an unlucky head could have been located.

Nobody is here, just a brown- greyish ball on the table, near a bowl of fruit. Spain stares down at it and slowly the ball uncurls, growing a head and paws. He blinks at the strange animal and then looks trough the porthole, where a view of a jungle greets him. With a grin, he looks down at the animal again and moves the bowl closer to him. The beast grabs an apple and starts to chew on it.]

I will call you Armada. [Spain seems to think for a moment about the name and smiles again.] “Armadillo. You’re too small, my amigo."


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